The central highlands of Palestine’s West Bank are traversed by numerous walking and hiking trails but none stand out as much as Rozana’s Sufi Trails.  The focus on a unique aspect of Palestine’s history – Sufism traveling west from Persia to the Palestinian hills, bringing Islam and a mysticism that has long since been swallowed up by modern life  — allows Rozana to market a brand of hikes unlike any other in the countryside.  While the shrines provide destinations worthy of attention in themselves, the walks between them provide the hiker with breath-taking views, visits to archeological sites, glimpses of rural life not seen by most tourists, and the welcoming hospitality from the villagers along the way.

Rozana developed the concept in 2008 and by 2014 had completed three trails.  Among the three, they include ten Sufi shrines (“maqam”), several natural springs (“ein”) and a number of rural villages far from the major tourist routes. The design of each trail permits adaptations to meet the needs of individual hikers.  A hike can be a full day or shorter.  It can be a brisk hike up hills and down, a more relaxed hike, a gentle stroll, or a ride in a bus.  More information on the Sufi Trails can be found at