At a spot In Birzeit’s Old City, adjacent to the bustling Tea House and Mosaic Workshop, the Museum of the Picture will eventually be located. From this central site in the Old City, a joint management committee will manage the three Community Interpretation Centers in the Ramallah, Salfit and Jenin Governates, as part of the Rural Democracy initiative begun by Rozana in 2017.  The Joint Committee will consist of representatives from the three Centers and will reflect the democratic values of gender balance and equal rights instilled at the local levels during the initiative.  (See “Rural Democracy” for further information on the Democracy project.)

In Planning the Museum, Rozana brought together three entities:  Birzeit University which did a survey and research study of the site, the Palestinian Ministry of Culture which has provided some funding from the Turkish government, and Rozana which provides the local administrative expertise.  Additional funding is being sought to finish rehabilitating the building and its surrounding space.  Birzeit University’s Department of Architecture will assist in planning the final design for the restoration.  When restoration is completed, the building will house Birzeit’s Community Interpretation Center in addition to serving as the headquarters for directing the multiple activities of the Interpretation Centers of the three Governates, adding one more component to Rozana’s visions of creating a living center of culture and an institution in which democratic values have been established and are being carried out on a daily basis.