It is rare that a “brand”, as used in the cold, hard world of business competition, is a unique historic artifact that connotes a culture common to a whole people.  The “weshna” was an earring that was produced by Palestinian artisans and worn by Palestinian women centuries ago.  The design originated near Hebron and is taken from nature – a cluster of cherries, and consisted of a triangle, usually decorated copper, from which hung three coin-like circles made of copper, silver or other material.  Today’s weshna is the brand name that Rozana has selected for a broad line of Palestinian products – food, soaps, and dry goods, created to empower local communities.

Ultimately the new Weshna brand will identify quality workmanship and designs unique to Palestinian artisans.  Rozana is in the preliminary stages of implementing the numerous changes in Palestinian production processes and marketing procedures necessary to reach that goal.  Manufacturing systems must be revamped, standards for quality developed, and new product designs created.  Market research will be done to determine product usage, target audiences and price ranges.  When the work is completed, the Weshna brand will signify elegant design (reflective of its elegant logo, seen below) and quality artisanship.  It will also be an image that people will hold in their minds as representative of the strong and gifted people of Palestine