museum-of-the-pictureThe Museum of the Picture is emblematic both of Rozana’s method and its unending attempt to create a unifying identity for all Palestinians, within and beyond the “Green line”.  In planning the Museum, Rozana brought together three very different entities:  Birzeit University which did a survey and research study of the site, the Palestinian Ministry of Culture which has provided some funding from the Turkish government and continues to look for more, and Rozana which provides the local administrative and managerial expertise.

The work is unfinished and awaits additional funding but the concept is clear:  to exhibit, with pictures, a national Palestinian identity reflecting the civilizations that have left their marks on the people and their land.  Future development is planned in partnership with the Birzeit University Department of Architecture.  When completed, the Museum will add another component to Rozana’s vision of making Birzeit’s Old City a living center of culture.