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Centers of Local Culture

What Are They?

The Rozana Association, with funding from the European Union’s Open Network for Mediterranean Sustainable Tourism, has designated six Centers of Local Culture (CLC’s) in the West Bank.  Each Center is a cluster of villages or region which has historic, cultural, architectural, or environmental value overlooked and left undeveloped through existing channels.  The CLC’s task is to build upon these attractions, creating an “open air museum” in which local and international tourists can interact with local communities and their culture.

Rozana’s goals are to carry out the work of developing and promoting sustainable tourism in localities marginalized from the main tourist flows and to create employment and improve the economy for rural residents in Palestine while simultaneously providing visitors with unique touristic experiences.

Each Center is to assemble, promote and provide comprehensive packages of touristic services.  Each will be managed by a committee of representatives drawn from the local communities, artistic groups, and the public and private institutions which will serve as partners in carrying out this work.

To arrange for tour guides and vehicle rentals, and to see descriptions and photos of our home-stay families and accommodations, please visit Homestays.

While each Center is unique, they all will offer the same welcoming hospitality of the Palestinian people who are proud to share their culture, cuisine and traditions.

The Rozana Association is developing Six CLCs at the present time