NEPTO (Network for Experiential Palestinian Tourism Organization)


Educational, Cultural and Environmental Organizations

Al Nayzak Organization for Supportive Education and Scientific Innovation

Bethlehem University

Canaan Fair Trade Company (Palestinian Fair Trade Association)

Golan for Development

International Academy of Arts Palestine

Palestine Wildlife Society

Palestinian Association for Cultural Exchange (PACE)

Palestinian Chefs Association – see World Chefs

Palestinian Circus School




Talitha Kumi School


Village Tourism and Centers of Local Culture

Jifna Club – see Palestine Remembered

Johoud for Community and Rural Development

Jourish Local Council and Women’s Association – see Palestine Remembered

Palestinian Youth Association for Leadership and Rights Activation (PYALARA)

Ras Karkar Local Council – see Palestine Remembered

Women’s Charitable Society of Deir Ghassaneh – see Palestine Remembered

Sufi Trails


Tour Operators

Masar Ibrahim al-Khalil

Diwan Voyage

Guiding Star Limited

Holy Land Trust

Siraj Center

Universal Tours Jerusalem


Birzeit organizations

Birzeit Club

Birzeit Municipality (on “facebook”)

Birzeit Senior Citizens Center

Birzeit Society in Diaspora

Birzeit University

Birzeit Women’s Charitable Society (on Facebook)

Birzeit Youth Council

Heritage House

Mar Mansour

Orthodox Church

Orthodox Scouts of Birzeit

Al-Rozana Mosaic Workshop 

Saadeh Science House

Stone House (Palestinian Holy Book Society

Sumoud Association for Folkloric Arts


Municipalities and Village Councils

Municipality of Arabba – see Palestine Remembered

Municipality of Atara – see Palestine Remembered

Municipality of Bani Naim (in Facebook)

Municipality of Battir

Municipality of Deir Ghassaneh – see Palestine Remembered

Municipality of Deir Istya

Municipality of Nazareth

Municipality of Sabastiya

Municipality of Taybeh

Municipality of Yabroud – see Palestine Remembered



Ministry of Culture

Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities


International Connections

Abraham Path/Walk the Masar

University of London

University of Turin Department of Languages and Literature, Italy

Individual volunteers from numerous countries