A project funded by the European Union, “Palestine: Tales of Hospitality” aims to shed light on the Palestinian narrative, culture, and heritage through tourism as a development tool in rural Palestine. The project, which started at the beginning of 2018 and will continue until the end of 2020, has targeted not less than 200 individuals including youth, women, and representatives of local councils. It has empowered them to manage their cultural resources through series of sessions on local guiding, management, and hospitality. It has also cultivated the documentation of folk stories and re-telling the narrative, using traditional handcrafts and other innovative themes.

Palestine: Tales of Hospitality is targeting nine towns in rural Palestine divided into three clusters: Burqin, Arraba and Sanur in Jenin; West Bani Zeid, Aboud and Deir Ammar in Ramallah; and Deir Dibwan, Mukhmas and Jaba’ in Jerusalem.

Rozana Association – جمعية الروزنا , along with its partners, were able to rehabilitate three Sufi shrines and transformed them into public spaces. The three historic buildings were rehabilitated to serve as interpretation centers to enhance the understanding of heritage and display the distinguished values of each town and cluster through different exhibitions. The association also marked three Sufi trails, upgraded three homestays, and opened a new guesthouse in the village of Aboud to be managed by the Youth Union and Burbara Women Charitable Association.

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