Birzeit 8th Heritage Week | 13 – 17 July 2016

Under the Patronage of Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities and in partnership with Ministry of Culture & Birzeit Municipality and funded by the European Union Rozana Association ends its preparations to launch Birziet 8th Heritage Week

Rozan Association for the Development of Architectural Heritage has finalized its preparation to launch Birzeit 8th Heritage Week starting on Wednesday 13 July with the Palestinian traditional Wedding Zaffa and to last for 5 consecutive nights untill Sunday 17 July 2016.

Mr. Raed Saadeh, chairman of Rozana Association, stated that “Birzeit 8th heritage week is built on successes attained from preceding heritage weeks with the aim to present a model of sustainable rural development based on available cultural resources, competencies and energies of its youth and women to strengthen its position as repositories for Palestinian heritage and culture and as sites for tourism on the map of Palestine”. He added that our heritage is a basic stone in our cultural identity, our pride in our civilization, our history, present and future. The Heritage Week will cultivate the memory of our future generation with our nation’s identity offering them a development model for the Palestinian countryside, where the alleys and backyards of the old town of Birzeit is turned into a vibrant place filled with joy of life and where thousands of visitors mix the magic of old times with the enthusiasm of today – a vibrant proof of the Palestinian presence on this land”

Birzeit Heritage Week will include several economical, cultural, social and touristic activities such as antiquities, arts and heritage exhibitions, tourist trails in and around Birzeit town, science exhibitions, International Hosh exhibitions, artisans’ live exhibitions, Palestinian products, Cinema club and daily children recreational activities. A number of Palestinian dancing and singing groups will revive the heritage nights along the 4th year “celebration of the “Flower of the Countryside” tradition that promotes the role of women in preserving the Palestinian heritage and culture.

Birzeit 8th Heritage Week is funded mainly by the European Union, as part of a joint project with Sirriyet Ramallah and Popular Arts Center entitled: Palestinian Festivals Towards Cooperation and Community Inclusion”. The joint project aims to enhance collaboration among local cultural centers, artists and civil society organizations, to promote freedom of expression, educate people about their cultural rights through arts, encourage volunteerism within the Palestinian society especially among youth and to reach out to various communities with cultural activities attracting audiences that otherwise would not have access to such cultural diversity mainly in rural and marginalized communities.

Birzeit 8th Heritage Week is also funded by the Danish House in Palestine (DHIP) and the Centre for Culture and Development (CKU) in addition to Bank of Palestine, A M Qattan Foundation, Canadian Representative Office and sponsored by Cool Net, Palestine TV and Radio Raya FM.

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